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Health Insurance Reimbursement

Many of our patients/clients have health insurance and wish to use it to help pay the cost of their visits to our office. Some insurance plans cover the cost of our services. If you wish to use your insurance, please be aware of the following policies.


Responsibility for payment.
Remember, you are responsible for payment in full for any services you obtain from our office. You are responsible for making payment at the time services are made unless other arrangements are made.

Insurance information.
You are responsible for letting us know about your insurance coverage and for providing necessary information so we can bill your insurance.

Change in insurance.
If there is a change in your insurance coverage, you must let us know before coming in to make sure that pre-certification has been obtained from your insurance company. If your insurance coverage changes and you don't notify us in advance, then you will be responsible for the full amount of your bill.

If your insurance requires pre-authorization or pre-certification before services are provided, you are responsible for letting us know this and insuring that appropriate pre-approvals are obtained.

Expiration dates.
We are asking everyone who has coverage requiring reauthorization to pay attention to expiration dates and remind us of these dates. This will help us make sure that the necessary approvals have been obtained ahead of time.