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Peter B. van Dyck, MD
Tammi B. van Dyck, RN,C
Maria L. Wood, MEd, LPC
Jennifer H. Ennis, RN,C
Amy H. Elder, MA, LPC
Bobby V. Elder, MA, LPCA
James G. Robinson, MSN, NP

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Treatment Areas

We Can Help ...

Do you suffer from?

  • Self-doubt or lack of self-confidence
  • Stress or burnout
  • Guilt, shame, or regret
  • Traumatic memories
  • Anxiety, worry, doubt, or fears
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression, despair, or discouragement
  • Grief and loss
  • Mood swings, manic-depression, bipolar disorder
  • Problems with compulsive or addictive behaviors
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • photo-beachstorm

    Do you have problems with?

  • Troubled marriage relationship
  • Family & relationship problems
  • Codependent relationships
  • Loss of a relationship
  • Life transition issues (high school to college or independent living, job changes)
  • Have you?

  • Come from a dysfunctional family
  • Ever been abused or molested
  • Experienced a trauma that you haven't recovered from
  • Do you want help with?

  • Marriage counseling
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Family problems
  • Child rearing
  • Child educational problems
  • Child conduct problems