Christian Counseling

We are mental health clinicians, with professional training in various disclines, including psychiatry, social work, counseling, and psychiatirc nursing. We are licensed by the appropriate professional boards that govern our professional disclines.

We are aware that all counseling is provided in the context of the counselor's beliefs and values. We believe that patients/clients should be aware of the beiiefs and values of their counselors and the potential influence these may have on the counseling.

We believe that problems have psychological, social, biological, and spiritual dimensions.

Many who seek our counsel, desire counseling from a Christian perspective.

We are Christians, and we seek to provide quality counseling in the context of our Christian faith. counseling that incorporates a Christian worldview, the truth of scripture, application of Biblical principles to personal and family problems, and the presence and power of God in the counseling session.

We also desire to support and work cooperatively with churches and their pastors as well as counseling ministries in the Christian community.